Uddi Ja Lyrics with Translation – Coke Studio Season 9

Uddi Ja lyrics from Coke Studio

Uddi Ja Lyrics from Coke Studio: ‘Uddi Ja‘ marks the debut of Mohsin Abbas Haider on Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 4. Mohsin Abbas Haider sings this powerful Qawwali song with song lyrics penned by himself, and easily settling into the euphoric atmosphere of the music directed by Jaffer Zaidi. Uddi Ja means “fly/soar freely”. you can also get Uddi Ja lyrics translation in English.

Song: Uddi Ja
Singer / Lyrics: Mohsin Abbas Haider
Album: Coke Studio Season 9
Music Directed By: Jaffer Zaidi
Produced By: Strings

Uddi Ja Lyrics – Coke Studio 9

Uddi ja uddi ja
Uddi jaa.. uddi ja
Uddi jaa.. uddi ja
Uddi jaa.. uddi ja

Ilam kitaabi maghron laah ke
Ilam kitaabi maghron laah ke
Haqq diyan mundraan kanni pa ke
Udi ja, udi ja
Udi ja, udi ja
Udi ja ja udi ja

Soar freely, soar freely
Liberating yourself from mere bookish wisdom
Putting on the humble earrings of the devotee of truth
Soar freely, soar freely

Bin murshad de dar dar dur dur (x3)
Rang chadda jihra jaawe nah khur khur (x2)
Salle ‘ala da wird paka ke (x2)
Murshad de hatth dor phada ke

Uddi ja, uddi ja
Uddi ja ja udi ja (x2)

Without your spiritual guide
You’ll just be spurned at every door
You must take care your blessed colour doesn’t wear off
Repeating in devotion blessings on the prophet
Submitting yourself to his tender guidance

Haq haq labhna aen haq mann andar (x2)
Baat isaq di waang samandar
Yaar jo aake bhes wata ke
Chor andar de noon phaahe la ke

Uddi ja uddi ja
Uddi ja uddi ja
Uddi ja uddi ja
Uddi ja ja udi ja

You go around searching for God
But God is right here in your heart
The reality of love is boundless as the sea
Changing your guise at the beloved’s instruction
Throttling the base desires of your heart

Aakhe murshad kamli waala
Pa gale illal laah di maala
Baukar andron maar ve bandeya
Mattha ghisiyan rabb naeen milda

The beloved, black-cloaked prophet says
Wear the prayer-beads of (nothing) except God around your neck
Cleanse your heart from within, o human
You won’t gain god by rubbing your forehead in prostration

Aabid ban ban maan ee khattiya
Main da but dilon nah kaddhiya
Tu main waali khed ee koyi naeen
Shah-rag wasda sooli charhda

Jiwe chaahwe yaar oh karda (x2)

Uddi ja uddi ja ja
Uddi ja ja uddi jaa..

You have been at pains to earn
The reputation of a pious worshipper
But you have failed
To remove the idol of ‘I’ from your heart
Where everything is ‘He’
There can be no possibility of ‘I’
He is nearer to us than our jugular vein
And it was he who said ‘I am the truth’
And went to the gallows

The beloved does just as he pleases

Track length: 7:12
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